Weight Room


About The Yard

The Yard is an 8000 square foot private indoor facility in the heart of Manassas, located at 7869 Coppermine Drive Manassas, VA 20109.

We are open year-round to all our members and their families. Cages, Pitching Lanes, Weight Room and Classroom can all be rented together or on an individual basis.

Along with the amenities in the facility we are pleased to offer Rapsodo Pitching/Hitting Technology and Win Reality VR Training.

The Yard is available to rent to the public and rates vary depending on the day, time and area being used.  If you would like information on renting The Yard please email info@novaelitebaseball.com with your inquiry.


Rentals & More

Batting Cage Rental
Weight Room
Pitching Lane Rental
  • Batting Cages

    7 Batting Cages

  • Pitching Lane

    1 Designated Pitching Lane

  • Hitting

    Hitting Rapsodo

  • Pitching

    Pitching Rapsodo

  • Strength Training

    Weight Room

  • Ample space

    8,000 square foot private facility

A look inside the Yard